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South African-born photographer Justin Cleaver spent his twenties on the other side of the lens as a successful international model. He had the opportunity to work with some of the top photographers in the world on professional shoots around the globe. Drawing from this knowledge, he returned to South Africa to work as an art director and producer before succumbing to his true passion: photography.

Equally comfortable shooting on digital and analogue cameras, Justin loves experimenting with expired and unusual film using his range of ‘old school’ cameras, including a vintage Hasselblad. “I love the raw, grainy look that can’t be replicated digitally,” says Justin, who has developed a unique style that ‘captures the moment’ rather than ‘manipulating the image’. His love of creating a narrative with his shoots suits both fashion and commercial work as much as it does his wildlife and fine art photography.


Contact Justin via e-mail: jwcleaver@gmail.com



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